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Our Hotel

Hotel Hochsölden: our philosophy

Our hotel in Hochsölden is characterised by the values of the Gurschler family – values which have been passed on from one generation to the next. The Gurschler family’s extraordinary pioneering spirit has coined tourism in the Ötztal Valley, especially in Hochsölden.

Traditions and values at Hotel Hochsölden

At Hotel Hochsölden we value...

  • Quality and love for detail
    We value quality in all areas. Furniture and fittings at Hotel Hochsölden are made from mainly natural materials. At Hotel Hochsölden, we do our job with great passion and care; our guests are our utmost priority. Also in our kitchen, premium quality and great love for detail are our credo.

  • Family tradition and team spirit
    We have dedicated a lot of time and energy to our Hotel Hochsölden: constructing the hotel in the early 1930s, maintaining and renewing it. We are proud of the result and, over the years, also our team spirit and solidarity have grown. Together with our team, partners and guests we are like one big happy family; it is together that we have grown into what we are today.

  • Heartfelt hospitality and an open mind
    Heartfelt hospitality and an open mind are a given at our Hotel Hochsölden. Together with our team we welcome our guests with open arms and make it our mission to fulfil the wishes of every single one of them. What makes our Hotel Hochsölden so special is the Tyrolean hospitality, fervour and friendliness.

  • Tradition and roots
    Our family has been living in Hochsölden and Sölden for many decades. The Gurschler family has been an active part in establishing tourism in this region; thanks to our pioneering spirit and inventive solutions, Hotel Hochsölden has become what it is today. Our roots and traditions are just as important for us as is an open mind. If you know your roots and you keep looking into the future, then the success is yours.  

  • Loyalty
    Loyalty to each other, including our staff, business partners and, of course, our guests, are at the base of our work at Hotel Hochsölden. Our family values have been passed on from one generation to the next, so also to our team. Our values are honesty and courage; to stand by one’s word testifies for a strong character.

  • Sense of responsibility
    As hosts, hoteliers and employers at Hotel Hochsölden, we carry a lot of responsibility in many areas – and we are well aware of that. The beautiful nature surrounding our hotel in Hochsölden [LINK Location & Arrival], the alpine cottages, pastures and glaciars, need care to remain as pristine and beautiful as they are today. We hope that guests and locals at Sölden and Hochsölden get to enjoy these unique habitat for many many more years. This is why we place great emphasis on sustainability and environmental compatibility when selecting our products, the source for our energy or when remodelling our house. As employers we know that a pleasant working climate and a fair payment are important for our staff in order to be happy at work.

The Gurschler family: hoteliers out of passion

Hotel Hochsölden and Hotel Liebe Sonne with Sonnenvilla Anna and Hotel Garni Sunshine were built and run by the Gurschler family. All family members take good care of all their businesses, united under the umbrella term Gurschlers Sonne. When you are in Sölden for skiing, you will get to know the family in person because the Gurschler siblings are everywhere: at the restaurant, the ski hire, the front desk...

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